IL POSTINO (THE POSTMAN): A lesson about life, art and aesthetic experiences

Don’t ask me why I like something. Most of the time, I don’t have a reason or any word to describe why something attracts me. Although, I believe we like something when we see ourselves in it, whether they are our feelings, thoughts and beliefs, our personality or even our fears and obsessions. What we see becomes a mirror, showing us our own reflection. We see what we are. And because we see, we can live aesthetic experiences. In the movie Il Postino (The Postman) which is a story about the journey of self-discovery and the romance of Mario, a … Continúa leyendo IL POSTINO (THE POSTMAN): A lesson about life, art and aesthetic experiences

Lo que me gusta de Glasgow:

“Giovanna, hija, que tu blog es un poco demasiado intelectual, y si lo escribes en inglés me entero poco” Bueno, pues esta vez he decidido hacer una entrada como esas tan populares por internet: en forma de lista con fotitos y gifs animados. Además en castellano, porque así me apetecía esta vez. Y aprovechando que hace 9 meses dejé Barcelona para mudarme a Glasgow, he hecho una lista de las cosas que más me gustan y disfruto de esta ciudad, la cual, he de decir, me llamaba poco la atención. Aquí os la presento: 1. No hay turistas! (En Glasgow hay muy pocos y cualquier … Continúa leyendo Lo que me gusta de Glasgow:

Meeting an artist…

“So I can start working on being an artist, Giovanna” my mother said to me when we finished looking at the art exhibition and talking to the artist that organized it. The exhibition called Art on the Hill was part of the Southside Fringe Festival of the city of Glasgow that took place last May. So I went with my mother and we had a look, and while we were having a look there were other people coming to see the art objects. There were all kinds of people, the same kind that you can find walking, shopping, in a … Continúa leyendo Meeting an artist…

Elougy to Outsider Art, II:

English version of “Elogio al Arte Outsider II”: In the previous post I started praising the Outsider Art by explaining the debt that official Art History owes to those creative manifestations of individuals socially segregated. But I think that debt is mutual. It is true that such creations were vindicated as artistic models by the first Avantgarde movement in the 20th century. That artistic reform spirit was nurtured, voluntarily, by marginal art and at the same time, they opened the door (without realizing it) through the one it made its ​​way. It is, therefore, about two mutual and necessary processes. … Continúa leyendo Elougy to Outsider Art, II:

Elougy to Outsider Art, I:

English version of “Elogio al Arte Outsider I” ( An anonymous stated that he fucked off in the intellectual bullshit of the Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art, ​​making a graffiti in its 2012-2013 wall program. I took a picture of it. Days after the graffiti was gone, it was been erased, but then the wall began to be filled with tags. When the season ended the program was taken off, and since then, there haven’t returned to hang anything on it. Now, that picture I took tops my blog and its sentence reveals me as a maximum. Fuck off your … Continúa leyendo Elougy to Outsider Art, I: